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Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is an innovative skin resurfacing procedure that gets rid of inconsistencies and blemishes, revealing your radiant skin that lies underneath. Varicose Vein Laser Center & Med Spa specializes in providing myriad skin and beauty treatments (including Laser Genesis) all under one roof. As science and technology continue to advance, so do skin and beauty treatments, and Dr. Zelda Billingy continues to stay on the forefront of innovative methods that help our patients look and feel their very best.

Instead of covering up blemishes and inconsistencies with harsh makeups that can dry out the skin and clog pores, get rid of them altogether at Varicose Vein Laser Center & Med Spa. Our treatments get major results without resorting to costly surgeries that sometimes come with hefty down times attached.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Our youth extending treatments are designed to cultivate natural skin rejuvenation by increasing your natural collagen production. As we know, collagen is a vital resource for skin regeneration and beauty enhancement, keeping the skin looking supple and youthful. As we grow in age, collagen levels start to deplete and this can leave the face looking hollow, uneven, and wrinkled. In the past, people have had to stand by and watch these inevitable effects happen, but now we have the technology to do something about it.

Reverse the signs of aging and stop fine lines and wrinkles in their tracks. Dr. Billingy utilizes Cutera XEO laser technology that can help treat acne scars, uneven skin textures and surfaces, enlarged pores, rosacea spots and even sun damage. This versatile system with customizable handpieces can potentially treat over twenty different types of skin conditions and irregularities. Treatment is virtually pain free as a warm, soothing sensation heats the skin’s surface, penetrating to the deeper layers, stimulating the skin’s own natural collagen production processes. This same heat transfers to dilated capillaries, which aids in reducing flushing and redness.

Would you like to know more? Whether you live in Pasadena, Downey, Montebello, Whittier, or surrounding areas, contact us today to learn about the many ways that Laser Genesis at Varicose Vein Laser Center & Med Spa can enhance your beauty from the inside out.

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